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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Meringue Fail aka how to fix a burned pie topping

Today is affectionately called Superbowl Sunday.  Well affectionately by sports fans in particular, and reluctantly by those who love sports fans and the eating that is associated with Superbowl Sunday.

Our group has two different parties.  One at one house for the "boys" and one at another for the "girls".  We girls call our event the "Sportsingbowl".  We basically use it as an excuse to drink wine, eat excessive amounts of food, and enjoy the halftime show.

Besides all the typical Superbowl or Sportsingbowl foods, I usually offer pie as my contribution, because well, who doesn't like pie, and it's the best thing I make.

Since we women have a more discerning pallet, for us it's coconut cream and chocolate cream pie.  For the men it's basic lemon meringue - both lemon meringue and coconut cream have been featured in my blog previously.

Everything was going really well until I wasn't paying attention to my meringue under the broil and this is what it looked like after I peeled it off the pie.

Yes even experienced bakers make goofs sometimes.  But just because you've burned your meringue on top of your pie, it doesn't mean you have to throw it out or start the whole pie again.

Just peel off the burned parts, whip up another couple of egg whites, and try again.  And this is what you get.

A perfectly lovely lemon meringue pie, that unless you're reading this blog, you had no idea that the original meringue was a black mess.

I will share my recipe for easy chocolate cream pie on another blog.  But for now GO SPORTSING PEOPLE who ever you are!

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